5 Budget Friendly Valentine's Day Ideas

5 Budget Friendly Valentine's Day Ideas

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner but your bank account is almost on E. Don’t worry, here are a few Valentine’s Day ideas that are budget friendly but not cheap.



Here in St. Louis the weather has been pleasant lately, ranging from lows of 36 degrees to highs of 59 degrees. Grab a jacket; a basket; some chocolate; some inexpensive but tasty Moscato wine; and make some finger foods or sandwiches. Bada boom bada bang! You have a pretty romantic outing that didn’t cost that much but is still considered pretty thoughtful. In St. Louis, I would recommend Forest Park, Tower Grove Park, or the Missouri Botanical Garden.


Museum Date

Confession time: my first date was at the St. Louis History Museum. We were teenagers and I knew my parents would agree to an outing at the museum faster than a party. Plus, I’m a huge history nerd so I loved it. Best of all, it was free. After the museum, we walked the park a little bit and then went to the St. Louis Zoo. But if that’s not your jam, you can also end the night at a cafe. Try a local coffee house for a more intimate vibe.


Recreate Your First Date

Similar to what I mentioned during the museum date pitch, reminiscing about first dates and how simple they were can be very romantic especially if you’re coming up on important anniversary markers. Nothing makes you appreciate what you have more than reflecting on how it all got started.


St. Louis Symphony Orchestra

I swear this is budget friendly. Right now, St. Louis Symphony Orchestra is offering free tickets to people who have never attended a show. All you have to do is visit a St. Louis Public Library location and ask for the ticket. It’s really a voucher. Once they give it to you, you can call the number that’s on the voucher to redeem it. It’s good for two people or a family of four. The family events are separate from the solo/pair events. They have events happening in February, March, and April. These vouchers are first come, first served so get on it and make your Valentine’s Day celebration something memorable.


Home Spa Day

I know we all know at least one person whose love language is touch. Touch can be such an easy way to experience intimacy but not all touch needs to be sexual to be intimate. The act of drawing a soothing bath for someone you love and massaging their tired or tense limbs while actively listening to them is a level of intimacy that is often skipped over during our modern, fast paced lives. This home spa day can include everything from pedicures and manicures; facials; dry brushing; and hair treatments such as deep conditioning and hot oil treatments; etc. As you plan out your home spa day, please don’t forget to set the mood with music and scented candles or wax melts. Sound and smell are just as important as touch during these spa days.

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